Akurei Releases Sophomore "September EP"

Akurei Releases Sophomore EP “September” With Two New Songs

LISTEN: Akurei’s September EP features two new tracks and some older favorites

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Including the previously released “Hollow” and “Stockholm.”

Australian artist Akurei has shared his sophomore EP, September, featuring two new tracks “Quarter Tank Full” and “Clockwork.” He got a little help on the production side from friend and frequent collaborator Maxwell Byrne, also known as Golden Vessel. Byrne also directed the music video for Akurei’s “Stockholm” and the two just announced three European shows for the end of the month.

Akurei had a bit to say about the project, noting “September is a collection of songs I wrote abroad in September of last year, and a soundtrack to a quarter life crisis. All of the initial song writing was done over a few cities across Europe in Hostels, Airbnb’s and living rooms. The exciting thing for me was returning home with the songs and coming back to them and seeing them develop and grow as I pulled them apart and rebuilt them. I did a lot more production on this EP compared to August, with a little help from Maxwell (Golden Vessel) on ‘Stockholm’ and ‘Quarter Tank Full.'”

You can find “Quarter Tank Full” from Akurei’s September EP on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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