Benji Lewis Shares Raw New Song "Hold On"

Benji Lewis Shares Raw New Song “Hold On”

LISTEN: Benji Lewis dazzles on this emotional new song “Hold On”


The track comes alongside an EP announcement.

Benji Lewis is one of my favorite up and coming vocalists and the young Los Angeles singer/songwriter dazzles on the melodic new song “Hold On.” Off of his upcoming Here, Then And Now EP, due out early next year, the emotionally raw track follows the previously released “Fast Forward,” “Away” and “Is It Love.”

Benji Lewis has quite a bit to say about the track’s conception, saying, “It’s about wanting to get past all of the unwanted drama and mess that this relationship is bringing to you and your life, but still finding a way to keep them around if only they can meet you in the middle. Not on their terms, but something that works for you and them. In a way that doesn’t make you feel like you are losing grip with life itself day to day.”

“Through this song I was trying to ask for understanding from this person who I was madly in love with, really asking them to hear me. Things needed to change, and I needed to feel more ok and at ease. Ultimately, I was wanting for our love to transition nicely and somehow into a beautiful friendship. Looking back, I guess I was asking for too much. This wasn’t what they wanted or who they are and that’s ok. It’s probably for the best anyway because whenever I was around them, I would still feel those crazy special feelings and catch myself looking at them in a way that friends shouldn’t look at each other.”

You can find “Hold On” from Benji Lewis on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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