Mating Ritual Get Groovy On New Song "King of the Doves"

Mating Ritual Get Groovy On New Song “King of the Doves”

LISTEN: Mating Ritual share their first new single since “Hot Content”

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The first followup to 2018’s Hot Content

Brothers Ryan Marshall and Taylor Lawhon make up the funky, cowboy-hat donning, long-haired duo of Mating Ritual. The two caught my ear earlier thus year with the release of their incredible track “U.N.I.” and came through big time on their recent album Hot Content with Tasty! Jams like “Boys Don’t Have To Be Boys” and “Game.”

Now, the duo returns with “King of the Doves,” seemingly their most “electronic” offering to date. The rubbery sounds that fill the space seem like they could simultaneously be from the 80’s or twenty years from now. All in all, the song shows off a new side of Mating Ritual. That’s not much of a surprise either as Lawhon said the song was the first to be recorded in their new studio, adding “It started just as an audio test for every instrument… We didn’t know we were creating a song until the last possible moment.”

Marshall spoke a bit more about the song, “about not being able to go as hard as you once could, but going for it anyway. You know, the ‘King of the Doves’. Everyone loves him, for a while at least. He’s the last to leave the party. He’s the first to crack a joke. He’s maybe been going too hard for a few too many years. He loves himself, for a while at least. Are you the king of the doves? Am I the king of the doves?”

You can find “King of the Doves” from Mating Ritual on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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