Rex Orange County Shares Slow New Song "Pluto Projector"

Rex Orange County Releases Rather Dull New Album “Pony”

LISTEN: Rex Orange County isn’t here to try and start the party on “Pony,” that’s for sure.

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Rex Orange County’s new album Pony has arrived.

When I first heard Rex Orange County I was immediately hit with a refreshing sound of brightly lit bedroom pop. That feel, however, sadly seems to be the Rex of the past as his new album Pony doesn’t really feature any of the calmingly cool songs he quickly became so loved for. Overall, the album is a slower, more boring version of Rex. I’m really not sure if Rex knows he’s making boring music but it seems like he has to, I mean, halfway through the album “Stressed Out” virtually mimics the listener, opening with a defiant yawn before breaking into a less than minute track that never finds its footing. What’s worse is that it should be pretty hard to get bored on a thirty-minute album but nonetheless, here I am. I caught some signs of this with Rex’s earlier releases like “New House” and “10/10” but “Pluto Projector” gave me some hope that maybe he could make slow “fun.” I was wrong, but you can still find “Pluto Projector” on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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