warner case Drops Debut EP “dance music for dancing, vol. 1”

LISTEN: warner case returns with the release of the non-stop “dance music for dancing, vol. 1”

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The deep house producer shares his eclectic debut EP.

New York’s own warner case and a favorite here at PB&GJ has shared his debut EP, dance music for dancing, vol. 1, featuring previously released Tasty! Jams “if it fits” and “right with the groove” as well as a few new ones like the fiery “walk with me.” warner case has been on a consistent streak of sharing some great house hits over the past few years. Catching my eye with “doyouwannabemine?” and “upsidown” he then impressed with his two part release of “good time heart dance” alongside Zak Downtown and recently teamed with Kitsuné Musique for “idunno.”

dance music for dancing, vol. 1 came with a statement from case, who delivered it in his usual fashion of all lowercase type:

frankly, “dance music for dancing, vol.1” is for the tunes my gut always loved
but other people weren’t sure about. we artists often send our music around to a lot of people for feedback, and the ones they all like are usually what gets released. but those songs aren’t always successful anyway, so why not release the ones that were special to just me? these are my gut’s picks. hope you like them. if not, whatever — i still do.

He also had a bit to say about the standout jam “walk with me,” noting:

a great example of something evolving… i wrote this almost 2 years ago, knew it was special to me but something wasn’t quite right. after years of bashing my head against the wall for a solution (not recommended), i finally went back into the project file, distraught and desperate, and killed the parts of it I thought were great… only to discover that, in their void, other aspects shone through even brighter than before. the final song is what i’d been searching for all along.

You can find “walk with me” from warner case on our Tasty! Jams playlists and read my interview with warner case here.

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