daste. Drop Smooth New Song "What If?"

daste. Drop Smooth New Song “What If?”

LISTEN: daste. take a relaxed approach to their newest, nostalgic jam “What If?”

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The Australian trio returns with a laid-back new jam.

After sharing their debut Palette EP back in May, the Gold Coast crew are giving us a taste of what’s next for daste.. On the nostalgic “What If?” the trio takes a more relaxed approach than they did on jams like “SOBER” and “Myself,” utilizing ambient guitars and whispered vocals to share their tranquil vibes.

The trio had a bit to say about the making and meaning behind “What If?”:

“’What If?’ started out as a little bit of fun. Often, I’ll make some chords and a very rough beat just to get the foundation of an idea started and send it to the fellas to see if it plucks any strings. Tyler and Braxton came through with such good melodic ideas that the whole process was so effortless and fun.”

“‘What if?’ expresses the idea of nostalgia and the thought of what could have been if friendships had not ended and relationships not failed. It’s a personal thought process that I believe many experiences and can understand, but, what’s important in the message is to keep on moving forward with zero regrets.’”

“As a group, we’re super laid back and share a very similar taste in 60s & 70s music that we’ve always talked about drawing influence from both through our song writing and production approach. Early on in the process of writing these new tracks, we decided to record everything from home in our small studio to find the beauty in the rawness of our production. Sometimes it’s the imperfections that make it what it is. Our studio is where we have always felt most comfortable, writing, producing and even rehearsing. This has definitely brought a new confidence to our releases.”

If you’re interested to hear more from daste. check out my interview here and find “What If?” on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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