Hit The Dance Floor With La Felix's Funky New Song "Healing"

Hit The Dance Floor With La Felix’s Funky New Song “Healing”

LISTEN: glasscat joins La Felix for this funky new jam “Healing”

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Featuring vocals from glasscat.

New Zealand’s La Felix has been releasing one bop after another this year. He kicked off the year by bringing the “Drama” with KOLE, then delivered once again on “Past Life,” “Real Thing” and “Give Me Your Love.” Now La Felix is back with “Healing,” this time with an assist from Los Angeles singer/songwriter glasscat. Together, they deliver a funky jam sure to be a go-to for any dance session.

La Felix had a bit to say about the making and meaning behind “Healing”:

“The vocals for ‘Healing’ were actually written separately by Catherine and glued with another track I had made previously. I felt the vibe was off, so I started from scratch and created the instrumental based off her recording. Trying to match the vibe and mood was actually quite difficult and took a couple of attempts but I think I got there in the end!”

He also noted that PB&GJ favorite Brasko had a hand in the production on the track.

“The top-line for ‘Healing’ was a collaboration between me, Brasko and Peter Fenn. We knew we wanted something sexy and charged, even almost desperate that captures the kind of yearning that happens when an attraction is both physical and spiritual. That concept led easily to the title of ‘Healing’, a word that is rich in meaning with regards to both body and mind. It also was a bit of a nod to Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’, a song that we all adore.”

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