Listen To Earl Sweatshirt's New Album "FEET OF CLAY"

Listen To Earl Sweatshirt’s New Album “FEET OF CLAY”

LISTEN: Earl Sweatshirt returns with a raw new experimental rap album “FEET OF CLAY”

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The followup to last year’s highly acclaimed Some Rap Songs

Right before Earl took the stage this weekend at Day N Vegas and a week before Camp Flog Gnaw, Earl Sweatshirt is back with new music. His new album, FEET OF CLAY, is a seven song, fifteen minute record that feels like a single stream of consciousness. Described as “a collection of observations and feelings recorded during the death throes of a crumbling empire,” on FEET OF CLAY Earl looks to push the boundaries of rap. Abandoning any distinguishable flow, Earl sporadically raps over avant-garde beats, furthering the dark themes from Some Rap SongsYou can find “EL TORO COMBO MEAL” from Earl Sweatshirt on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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