Dijon's New "CRYBABY :*(" Video Is A Tearjerker

Dijon’s New “CRYBABY :*(” Video Is A Tearjerker

WATCH: Dijon breaks down in this stop motion video for “CRYBABY :*(“

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Dijon’s new song is accompanied by an engaging stop motion video.

Following last month’s short but sweet “Good Luck,” 26-year-old indie sensation Dijon is back with a new song and video, “CRYBABY :*(.” Emotion plays the starring role in Dijon’s music and “CRYBABY :*(” is definitely no exception. Vocally, Dijon sounds better than ever, beckoning out during the bridge in such a powerful way it makes this soothing R&B jam feel like a rock song during the chorus. You can find “CRYBABY :*(” from Dijon on our Tasty! Jams playlists and watch the music video below.

1 comments on “Dijon’s New “CRYBABY :*(” Video Is A Tearjerker”

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