FARR Show Their True Colors On New Song "Technicolour"

FARR Show Their True Colors On New Song “Technicolour”

WATCH: FARR meet in the desert to let out some rage in the video for “Technicolour”

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FARR return with a mesmerizing new track.

Long distance relationships are hard but FARR make it work. The duo, made up of LA’s Roméo and London’s Linden Jay, deliver flawless jams, like “Blades,” “Reversible” and “Paranoid,” without a need to ever be in the same room. On their newest single, “Technicolour”,  the boys did meet up, only this time it was in the middle of the desert to smash some colorful stuff. I’m referring to the music video of course, which finds Roméo and Linden breaking bottles filled with magical, color-changing goo.

Roméo had a bit to say about the new song as well, noting “‘Technicolour’ was the last song written for the album. I’d been feeling fed up with the sad way I was seeing the world, which unfortunately I feel like a lot of us can identify with right now. I wanted to write something to make sense of it all. I was reaching for hope, reaching for a vividly coloured future rather than this grey cloud I felt I was sitting in.”

You can watch the video for “Technicolour” below and check out some exclusive photos from my night at FARR House LA.

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