Alex Lustig Shares "Room For Thought" Filled With Atmospheric Bangers

Alex Lustig Shares “Room For Thought EP” Filled With Atmospheric Bangers

LISTEN: Alex Lustig shared his new EP, “Room For Thought,” that’s sure to get you thinking


Following up his recent string of singles with this spacey EP.

Alex Lustig‘s sound is truly unmatched. He has this ability to take atmospheric, ambient tracks and seamlessly turn them into bass dropping bangers. And on his new EP, Room For Thought, the Belgian producer did just that. Clocking in at fifteen minutes with only one vocal feature on “Better to Be Lonely” from Makk Mikkael, who also has her own EP out today, the EP is a full-fledged dive into the psyche of Lustig. There’s some variety in the tracks as well. After channeling some of Flume‘s Hi This Is Flume vibes on “Oceans” we quickly jump back to a more simplistic, chill jam with “Stardust” before closing with the ambient “H2O.” Perfect for an exploration into one’s own mind or as the counterpart to any psychedelic, Room For Thought will keep you thinking. You can find “Stardust” from Alex Lustig on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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