03 Greedo & Kenny Beats Just Dropped Their New Joint Album "Netflix & Deal"

03 Greedo & Kenny Beats Just Dropped Their New Joint Album “Netflix & Deal”

LISTEN: 03 Greedo shared his latest project from behind bars with producer Kenny Beats

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Featuring Freddie Gibbs, Vince Staples, Maxo Kream and more.

03 Greedo may not be a free man but that isn’t stopping him from releasing music. The rapper, who is currently serving a 20 year sentence, released his new collaborative album today with producer Kenny Beats. Netflix & Deal is Greedo’s third project released from behind bars and this one comes with a documentary to go along with it that Kenny Beats posted on his YouTube channel where he usually hosts his weekly The Cave series.

“He overall knows that I’m his biggest fan,” Kenny Beats told Complex about working with Greedo on Netflix & Deal. “As much as I can pretend to be his best friend, it started with me being his fan. I have such reverence for what he did and how important he is, and the fact that he let me be a part of it in any way, that I want to make sure that if me and my team have any access to the art that he left, we’re going to do it the most justice we can.”

Watch the documentary for the album below as well as the music video for “Disco Shit” featuring Freddie Gibbs. You can also find the track on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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