Taste A Bit Of The "Goodlife" With Tentendo's Funky New Song

Taste A Bit Of The “Goodlife” With Tentendo’s Funky New Song

LISTEN: Tentendo comes through with his first new tune of 2019, the uplifting “Goodlife”

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The wavy producer comes through on this blissful new jam.

Tentendo isn’t one of those producers who is constantly pushing out new tracks and mixes. In fact, as we approached the end of the year I was fearing that we wouldn’t get anything new from the Melbourne producer in 2019. Thankfully, he came through, and, like a fine wine, the wait only made it better. “Goodlife” is an R&B-infused, funk jam that was certainly worth the wait that followed the incredible “Waves,” which he released last year in collaboration with Blasko, Rahel and Jordan Dennis. 

Tentendo spoke a bit about the track, saying “‘Goodlife’ came to me the first time I met my friend Price. I had just gotten back from a trip to Sydney and I was in a bit of a haze of thankfulness, tiredness and positivity. I think Price felt that and spun the lyrical narrative to fit where she was at.”

You can find “Goodlife” from Tentendo on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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