Benji Lewis Keeps It Moving On Blissful New Song "New Day"

Benji Lewis Keeps It Moving On Blissful New Song “New Day”

WATCH: Benji Lewis keeps it cheery on “New Day” alongside his new EP announcement

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Benji Lewis is back with this upbeat new track.

After sharing a few emotionally heavy songs like “Hold On” and “Fast Forward,Benji Lewis is back with his most upbeat effort to date with “New Day.” Benji had a bit to say about the new song, noting “This song is simply about looking at each day as a fresh start. I was feeling very grateful for the life that I have in this world of music, and being able to travel and live wherever I choose to. It’s about keeping it all moving in this direction and with that kind of flow.”

He added, “The song was written during one of the times where I was getting a bit over being in the same location, I was feeling like it was time to move on to the next place. It’s a new day, why not go somewhere new.”

The song came along with a new music video and the announcement of Benji Lewis’ Here, Then and Now EP, which will be out early next year. The video was directed by Chris Weigen and was shot at various locations across Los Angeles. Benji also had a bit to say about the video-making process.

“I worked on the video with my friend and regular collaborator Chris Weigen. We wanted it to give off warm feels and keep it really simple. Walking around, continuing to move forward on your journey and enjoying it all as you go. It was a lot of fun. We mostly just got to hang out and film content in some really nice locations; by Malibu beach, the canyon, the beautiful green gardens and then also in the cool studio location we found with all the different coloured walls…. I told Chris how much I love the quality and feel that comes with shooting on film and Chris was able to get his hands on a really cool hand held film camera, think it was a Super 8, so there’s some of that mixed in with digital footage shot on the RED camera.”

You can watch the music video below and find “New Day” from Benji Lewis on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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