Listen To Tame Impala's New Song “Posthumous Forgiveness”

Listen To Tame Impala’s New Song “Posthumous Forgiveness”

LISTEN: Tame Impala switch things up on “Posthumous Forgiveness,” adding a twist


The third single from The Slow Rush.

Tame Impala shared a new song this morning from their upcoming album following “It Might Be Time” and “Borderline.” The new jam, “Posthumous Forgiveness,” is a six minute long shifting and twirling psychedelic anthem. With a “Nights”-like switch in the middle the track is really two songs in one and both are delightful. Their new album, The Slow Rush, is out February 14th so there may be time for a few more new singles before the release. You can find “Posthumous Forgiveness” from Tame Impala on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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