Tyson Kraft Shares Emotional New Banger "Before You Sleep"

Tyson Kraft Shares Emotional New Banger “Before You Sleep”

LISTEN: Australian artists Tyson Kraft will put you in your feels with “Before You Sleep”

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The latest preview of the Australian artist’s debut album.

Tyson Kraft‘s latest single is all about that person you just can’t seem to live without. “Before You Sleep” is a subtle yet undeniable banger that builds slowly and is sure to have you in your feels. Kraft had a bit to say about “Before You Sleep”, describing what the song means to him:

“You know that feeling when you’re really into someone, and you’re alone at night thinking, wow I wish I could be next to that person right now. Holding them and appreciating every waking moment that you’ve spent with them. That was basically the feeling I wanted to capture in this song.

It was especially tricky because this was someone who was my friend, and there was a real and serious question – what would happen if I told this person how I really felt?

This song was an outlet for me to express myself while keeping my true feelings under a big, heavy lid. Early on when we first started hanging out, I would send her SoundCloud demos of rough songs I was working on. That then turned into me writing songs about her and then each month as a surprise I would send her a song I wrote for her.”

Kraft also shared a bit about the making of the track and the headspace he was in when he first wrote it:

“I was listening to a lot of nostalgic R&B at the time and I wanted the hook to naturally borrow from the aesthetic of R&B, whilst also injecting my own personality and desire to write a pretty love song, which is exactly what this is. It’s a love song. It’s about the desire to be close to someone in an intimate and personal way. To be with someone in the most critical moments of life – as well as a declaration that, given the chance, you would be that person’s support and take care of them.”

You can find “Before You Sleep” from Tyson Kraft on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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