Chance The Rapper Cancels Entire 2020 Tour

Chance The Rapper Cancels Entire 2020 Tour

Chance The Rapper has cancelled his entire 2020 tour in support of “The Big Day”

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After postponing the tour until next year it has now officially been cancelled.

It’s crazy what one bad album can do. Earlier this year I wrote a lengthy, scathing review of Chance The Rapper‘s The Big Dayhis bloated and messy “debut” studio album. Now, after rescheduling and postponing all the way into next year, and on the heels of a Black Friday 2-for-1 ticket sale, Chance The Rapper has announced via Instagram the cancellation of his entire 2020 tour. “The Big Tour” was supposed to be Chance’s victory lap on an otherwise successful year but that just was not the case. The Big Day, while critically was welcomed, has quickly been regarded by rap fans as one of the worst albums of the year. While Chance claims that the cancellation, like the original postponement, is due to his desire to spend more time with his family, it is clearly because of a serious lack of ticket sales. You can read Chance’s full post below”

“I know it sucks and it’s been a lot of back and forth with reschedules and rerouting, but it’s for the best. I’m gonna take this time to be with family, make some new music and develop my best show to date. I’m deeply sorry to anyone with a ticket who has supported me this past decade by coming to a show and rocking out with me and I feel even worse for anyone who was planning on making this their first Chance concert.”

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