Easy Life Drop Wavy New Song “Dead Celebrities” Ahead of Album Release

LISTEN: Just days away from Easy Life’s debut album release the UK band dropped a new track

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“Dead Celebrities” comes just two days before Easy Life’s mixtape Junk Food. 

UK indie rockers Easy Life have shared a new track ahead of their mixtape release this Friday. “Dead Celebrities” is a woozy jam that follows the group’s Arlo Parks collaboration “Sangria” and their “Nice Guys” release and tour announcement. In a tweet about the track the band wrote “our new single dead celebrities is a song about pop culture and the obscure but dangerously relevant link between death and stardom.” The song also came alongside a video which premiered over at The Fader, which you can watch in full here. Lead man Murray had a bit to say about the video as well: “Set in L.A., the song comments on the ‘plastic cemeteries’ and ‘broken bones’ that the modern world can leave behind and how the gossip mag generation is shitty and profoundly flawed.” You can find “Dead Celebrities” from Easy Life on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

Easy Life was recently named one of PB & Good Jams 10 Best New Artists of 2019.

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