Emerson Leif Takes It To The "Next2" Level

Emerson Leif Takes It To The “Next2” Level On Dreamy New Song

LISTEN: Co-produced by Golden Vessel, Emerson Leif’s “Next2” is a dream catcher.

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The second track from the Australian singer’s upcoming EP.

After delivering the wonderful “Wake up with You” back in October, Emerson Leif has returned with his next jam, the dreamy “Next2.” Co-produced by frequent collaborator Golden Vessel, who also helped out on 2018’s “Twenty2” and featured Leif on “Hesitate,” the track marks the second from Leif’s upcoming new project.

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Leif had a bit to say about the new track, noting:

“I am excited about this track as it is one of those songs where the music, lyrics and emotional intent are effortlessly cohesive.

It’s about realizing you are valuable and loved. It’s about overcoming the fear of not being enough and embracing vulnerability through the process.”

You can fin “Next2” from Emerson Leif on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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