Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats Drop New Album "UNLOCKED"

Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats Drop New Album “UNLOCKED”

LISTEN: Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats came together to create this album over the course of 24 hours

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The collaborative project was made in a 24-hour period and arrives with an accompanying short film.

Following Denzel Curry‘s appearance on Kenny Beats‘ YouTube freestyle and production series The Cave, the two came together to give some credence to Kenny’s infamous “let’s make some real shit now” line that he says to his guests at the end of practically every episode. Denzel and Kenny spent the next 24-hours together filming and recording eight tracks that would eventually become UNLOCKED. 

The album has a very intentionally unfinished, DIY feel to it and is pretty damn funny throughout. The accompanying short film is where the laughs really come out though as Kenny and Denzel try to travel into the computer to stop their album from leaking.

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This is Curry’s second release of 2020, following his thirteen-minute mix 13LOOD IN + 13LOOD OUT, but his first new “album” since 2019’s ZUUKenny has been on the grind recently, releasing a joint project with the incarcerated 03 Greedo, collaborating with the likes of Omar Apollo and Dominic Fike, as well as posting weekly episodes of The Cave.

Watch the short film below and listen to UNLOCKED from Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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