DaBaby Tells The Haters To "Shut Up" With New Song & Video

DaBaby Tells The Haters To “Shut Up” With New Song & Video

WATCH: DaBaby played 14 shows over the course of three days and filmed it all for his new “Shut Up” music video.

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DaBaby is here to take 2020.

DaBaby had quite the Super Bowl weekend. Thankfully, he filmed it all and compiled the footage into a new video for his new song “Shut Up.” The song, while not his best, is a somewhat humorous, somewhat disgusting, call out to all the haters. With the release he also made an announcement:

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“Dear 2020, my name is Jonathan but people call me “Baby.” Now I know what me and 2019 had was special, but that’s nothing compared to what I have planned for you girl. I was gonna wait till Valentine’s Day and be player about it but f*ck it, I’ma go head and let you know now… you’re mine for the next 10 months and 22 days,”

You can find “Shut Up” from DaBaby on our Tasty! Jams playlists.




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