REI AMI Breaks Free On Edgy New Song "RUNAWAY"

REI AMI Breaks Free On Edgy New Song “RUNAWAY”

LISTEN: REI AMI has completed the next step in her plan for world domination. The release of the incredible “RUNAWAY.”

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REI AMI does it again with her edgy new song.

With only four songs, REI AMI may still be a new name but it’s one that you’ll be hearing more and more of in the months to come. I introduced her back in August with the fiery “MAKE IT MINE” before she subsequently took over the world with “DICTATOR” and “SNOWCONE.” Now, she’s back again with the banging and booming “RUNAWAY.”

The track finds REI delivering sultry whispers over a claustrophobic, ear-ringing booming bass and drums. It’s her first track that doesn’t cut out halfway through and turn into a dream-pop bop and she kills it up until the weeping strings take over at the end, keeping our heart rates up and blood pumping the whole time she’s present.

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Along with the release, REI gave a telling interview with i-D Magazine in which she spoke a bit about the song and got emotional while describing her upbringing.

When speaking on “RUNAWAY,” Rei said “I’ve been sitting on it for six or seven months now. It’s fearless, very ‘shut the fuck up, I call the shots and you listen’. The production and my vocals are much more elevated and cinematic, almost,” she says. “I’m really excited to show this side of myself.”

Later in the interview, she talks about her religious childhood: “In a religious household you can’t be yourself, you can’t think or feel the way you want to because you’re told it’s a sin or that God hates you, and that takes a serious mental toll. Especially when the one thing that brings you comfort and peace and joy is going to put you in hell. Finally I can be myself and say what I’ve always wanted to say, that’s freedom.”

Read the full interview over at i-D Magazine and you can find “RUNAWAY” from REI AMI on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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