Harry Nathan Delivers Some Disco Groove With New Song "Frontin' Me"

Harry Nathan Delivers Some Disco Groove With New Song “Frontin’ Me”

WATCH: Kitsuné Musique’s newest release is the down and dirty groove from Harry Nathan, “Frontin’ Me.”

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“Frontin’ Me” is a late-night, dimly lit, groove.

Kitsuné Musique’s newest release is down and dirty jam from Harry Nathan. We’ve heard Harry before on “Alright” and “Sweet Release” but his newest single, the groovy “Frontin’ Me,” features some of the most dance-driven music we’ve seen from him. It’s perfect for a late-night drive filled with city lights and, with a touch of the psychedelic, “Frontin’ Me” is sure to stay on repeat.

Nathan also had quite a bit to say about the song and the making of the track:

“The song was recorded into a 1984 SONY M-10 microcassette recorder. I wasn’t really sure what I was singing, I was just jamming and mumbling, stream of consciousness kind of thing. When entering this kind of trance, my lyrics tend to reflect unsurfaced emotions, and it wasn’t until after I had finished recording that I realised the song was about people that are fake, putting up a façade trying to impress all the time.” 

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“Frontin’ Me” also comes with a visual that features an appearance from Nathan’s frequent collaborator, actress Odeya Rush from Ladybird, as well as some of his other close friends. He spoke on the making of the video as well:

“We made the video with our mates, actors Odeya Rush, Ryan Lee and Christian Valderrama at my place in L.A. The original idea was for me to perform the song live, though it quickly evolved on the fly to me being on an ambiguous red carpet, being interviewed by Tammy. I entered a trance that took me back to my fourth-grade sleepover.”

You can find “Frontin’ Me” from Harry Nathan on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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