Jamie xx Returns With Next Level Dance Jam "Idontknow"

Jamie xx Returns With Next Level Dance Jam “Idontknow”

LISTEN: With his first new music in five years, Jamie xx returns with the club-ready “Idontknow”

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His first solo music since 2015.

Jamie xx‘s 2015 album In Colour holds true as one of the best albums of the past decade and now, after five years, the producer and The xx frontman has returned with new solo music. “Idontknow” is a percussion heavy, dance-floor ready jam that is sure to remind you of some of Jamie’s past gems. 

On his Instagram Jamie xx spoke a bit about the track: “I made ‘Idontknow’ as an outlet for my frustration over not being able to finish any music for a while. I tried to be less precious with my ideas and just let go. I then watched this translate onto the dance floor when I started playing it out last year. Now, we can’t go out to dance and we need an outlet more than ever, I hope you dance to it at home and let go for a moment.”

Jamie also shared a 35-second preview of the “Idontknow” video, which features dancer Oona Doherty, who shot the video with her friends during the Coronavirus quarantine. You can watch the video below and find “Idontknow” from Jamie xx on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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