TheDoneGoodKid Drops His Debut Single “NATALIE”

LISTEN: TheDoneGoodKid’s debut single is here, and “Natalie” is ready to take you back in time.

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Get some glam rock in your life.

It may be 2021, but the 90’s never died. On “NATALIE,” the first offering from LA-based TheDoneGoodKid, we get thrown back in time to an era that had a lot more grunge and glam. Grabbing some influence from newer acts like The 1975 and OK Go as well as classic groups like The Jesus and Mary Chain, “NATALIE” combines that edginess of 90’s grunge rock with soft-spoken longing lyrics, capturing that perfect blend of tough love– right in time for Valentine’s Day.

“Look around, look around, see what you do to me, NATALIE”

Keep your eyes on TheDoneGoodKid as there are sure to be a few more jams coming our way soon from this exciting new talent. You can find “NATALIE” from TheDoneGoodKid on our Tasty! Jams playlists.

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