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Listen To Earl Sweatshirt’s New Album “FEET OF CLAY”

Listen To Earl Sweatshirt's New Album "FEET OF CLAY"

LISTEN: Earl Sweatshirt returns with a raw new experimental rap album “FEET OF CLAY”

The 40 Best Albums of 2018

The 40 Best Albums of 2018 - Peanut Butter & Good Jams

In a year filled with high profile flops and music made to be meme’d there were fewer great full-length projects, but today I think we’ve got the Top 40 Tasty! albums of the year. 


Alchemist Drops “E. Coli” With Earl Sweatshirt And A Wild NSFW Music Video

WATCH: Don’t say I didn’t warn you how weird this was. The Alchemist and Earl Sweatshirt teamed for a new well-timed track called “E. Coli”