Listen To ROLE MODEL’s Passionate New EP “oh, how perfect”

Listen To ROLE MODEL's Passionate New EP "oh, how perfect"

LISTEN: ROLE MODEL’s new EP “oh, how perfect” is perfect for a good cry

The Tasty! Jams From May

The Tasty! Jams From May

LISTEN: Tasty! Jams from BAYNK, Jeremy Zucker, Verzache, Hayden James, Easy Life, Cuco, Petit Biscuit, Hot Chip, Garçons, JORDANN, and many more!

ROLE MODEL Gets Real On Reflective New Song “Minimal”

ROLE MODEL Gets Real On Reflective New Song "Minimal"

LISTEN: ROLE MODEL really lets loose on this acoustic and deeply emotional new jam “Minimal”

The Tasty! Jams From December

The Tasty! Jams From December

LSITEN: This month we got Tasty! Jams from autious Clay, Still Woozy, Easy Life, Oliver Tree, Broken Bells, BAYNK, Maths Time Joy, FKJ, Biyo, Alex Lustig, and so, so many more.