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The 40 Best Albums of 2018

The 40 Best Albums of 2018 - Peanut Butter & Good Jams

In a year filled with high profile flops and music made to be meme’d there were fewer great full-length projects, but today I think we’ve got the Top 40 Tasty! albums of the year. 


Kanye West Announces New Album “YANDHI”, Collaboration With Chance, And SNL Performance

Kanye West just announced two new albums and a performance on the season premiere of SNL, in one day.

Ranking The 5 Albums From Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Summer: DAYTONA, Ye, Kids See Ghosts, Nasir, K.T.S.E.

Ranking The 5 Albums From Kanye's G.O.O.D. Summer: DAYTONA, Ye, Kids See Ghosts, Nasir, K.T.S.E.

Kanye West has spent the past few months in Wyoming bringing all of us an incredible album every single week since the end of May. Now that it is unfortunately all over it’s time to take a look back at the self-proclaimed genius’s work. 

Listen To Kanye West’s New Album “Ye” Right Now

Listen To Kanye West's New Album "Ye" Right Now

LISTEN: I GOTCHU. Listen to Kanye West’s new album Ye right here, right now.